Regulation - Lodzkie Region Geoportal

Users/ clients are obligated to read the contents of the following regulations prior using Geoportal. Getting acquaint with regulation content is equal with declaration of acceptance confirmed by user/ client.

Users and clients are obligated to use Geoportal in a way that is complaisant with current law regulations, social and moral standards and the statements from regulations below.

I. Definitions

For the purpose of the following regulation the below listed notions will have the following meaning:

  1. Geoportal – Lodzkie Region Geoportal available under the following URL address:
  2. Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) – described by metadata datasets and their services, technical measures, processes and procedures, which are used and implemented by leading entities that take part in creating SDI, other administrative entities and third parties.
  3. Spatial data – data which correlate directly or indirectly to a specific location or geographic area.
  4. Spatial data services – these are services being operations conducted by computer software on data gathered in spatial datasets or metadata related with them.
  5. Spatial dataset – recognisable, based on common attributes, set of spatial data.
  6. Interactive service – a service which enables adding, deleting, modifying geometry and attributes of point, line and polygon features.
  7. Metadata for spatial data infrastructure – information, which describe spatial datasets and spatial data services, enabling browsing, cataloguing and use of these data and services.
  8. User – a person viewing or using Geoportal, who has the authorisation to work with applications or databases.
  9. Client - a person who is not a User, using electronic services provide by Geoportal.
  10. Authorisation – a process of confirmation for users identity.
  11. Administrative unit – government administration unit, self-government unit or another entity which is, based on current law regulations, authorised (based on individual agreements) to conduct public tasks considering the environment.
  12. Registration – process enabling gathering user data and providing him with username and password.
  13. Login – an activity consisting of providing specific User username and password in order to access the system and enable the use of interactive services.
  14. Geoportal owner – Lodzkie Region.

II. General information

  1. The access to datasets and spatial data services is defined and restricted by the following regulations:
    a) Ustawa z dnia 17 maja 1989 r. Prawo geodezyjne i kartograficzne - art.40a (tekst jednolity: Dz.U. 2016 poz. 1629),
    b) Ustawa z dnia 4 marca 2010 r. o infrastrukturze informacji przestrzennej (Dz. U. z 2010 r. Nr 76 poz. 489),
    c) Ustawa z dnia 17 lutego 2005 r. o informatyzacji działalności podmiotów realizujących zadania publiczne – art. 15 (tekst jednolity Dz. U. z 2014 poz. 1114).
  2. Maps published in Geoportal have an overview character and as such they cannot be used as official documents, they cannot be a base for administrative or official activities. Information provided by Geoportal can be used only for non-profit and non-commercial use, in private or scientific purpose in scope of 4th Feb 1994 regulation Ustawa o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych. Maps or any part of them, without written permission, cannot be used in publishing systems or reproduced by any means: photographic, mechanic or other
  3. In scope of matters not covered by the following regulations the Civil Code of Laws and Ustawa o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz. 1204 z późn. zm.) along with other common regulations will be applied

III. Access to services

  1. The following regulations specify the rules and terms for using Geoportal resources.
    a) by Users (authorised) and Clients (unauthorised),
    b) other administration entities.
  2. Information services are available for Users and Clients./li>
  3. Interactive services are available only for Users (authorised – after completing registration process and login into the system).
  4. User registration process is a single process and is necessary to obtain crucial data in order to create User account, gathering visit statistics and enable future/further login.
  5. The data is processed in accordance with the Regulation (Eu) 2016/679 of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016o n the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
  6. During the registration process User defines login and password used later in login process.
  7. Registered User can in any time change or remove his data.

IV. Types and scope of provided services

  1. Spatial data services provided by Geoportal:
    a) search service (CSW) - searching for datasets and spatial data services based on metadata contents and enabling displaying metadata contents;
    b) view service (WMS) - displaying, navigating, zooming in and out, pan or overlaying datasets and displaying map legend and metadata contents
    c) download service (WFS) –copying whole spatial datasets or their parts.
  2. Access to search and view services is common and free of charge.

V. Terms of use for spatial data and services for Users and Clients

  1. Access to datasets provided by Regional Geodesy and Cartography Resource is payable based on art. 40a Ustawa z dnia 17 maja 1989 r. Prawo geodezyjne i kartograficzne.
  2. Use of Geoportal resources is possible for non-profit and non-commercial use, only for purpose of personal use defined by regulations of Ustawa o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych (tekst jednolity Dz. U. z 2006 r. Nr 90, poz. 631 z późn. zm.).
  3. User / Client has no right to copy, sell, provide or put into circulation with any other measures the contents of Geoportal as whole or parts of it. It concerns especially sending or providing it in systems and computer networks or any other IT systems.
  4. User is obligated to provide facts and events according to actual state and true, complaisant to his/her competencies. Pointing out a false event will result in immediate lock of User account. If a false event has triggered a reaction of specific state services (especially in scope of public security) the reporting party can be located by any technical means available and called into account for providing false facts or events.

VI. Terms of use for Regional Geodesy and Cartography Resource data by administrative units and entities

  1. Access to spatial datasets is free of charge for all other administrative units and entities in scope of data required for their defined public services agenda.
  2. Data can be used only by the administrative unit or entity to which the access to this data was issued .
  3. Way, scope and mode of providing data gathered in public registry is defined by Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów z dnia 27 września 2005 r. w sprawie sposobu, zakresu i trybu udostępniania danych zgromadzonych w rejestrze publicznym (Dz.U. Nr 205, poz. 1692).
  4. This data is provided to administrative units and entities in course of application, application form is an appendix to the above mentioned regulation.
  5. The entity to which data was provided is obligated to secure them from accessing by unauthorised people or unauthorised change of their contents, also securing them from being used in a way which is inconsistent with defined scope of use. The entity is responsible for security and integrity of data. Due to the above listed the entity is obligated to provide proper technical and organisational security of data, proving their safety.

VII. Technical terms of use for data and services

  1. While using Geoportal it is prohibited:
    a) using virus, bugs or other computer code, scripts or software which can limit or disrupt the proper operation of Geoportal,
    b) using computer code, script or automation programmes which use services provided by Geoportal.

VIII. Linking

  1. Linking by means of putting a WWW link to Geoportal on a private or company website is free of charge .
  2. Service enables centring map on a chosen location and scale.
  3. Link can be published in form of text file or picture

IX. Placing map

  1. Placing map - this is putting dynamic map window with Geoportal contents on private or company website.
  2. The service enables interactive view service for available map composition.

X. In order to secure a proper use of Geoportal resources it is necessary to provide:

  1. Internet access;
  2. Device which allows accessing Internet, along with web browser software, accepting cookie files and Java Script;li>
  3. Installation of web browser i.e. Mozilla Firefox min. v.3.5, Internet Explorer min v. 8, Chrome min. v. 4.

XI. Copyright

The contents of the following webpage is under copyright regulations with special consideration of art. 4 Ustawa o prawie autorskim, according to which: „Copyright regulations do not cover: normative regulations or their official drafts, official documents, material, graphic signs and symbols; published patent or protective descriptions, simple press information”.

XII. Additional information

In order to get additional explanations or information considering the contents of the following regulations you can contact us via e-mail:

XIII. Final regulations

  1. The following Regulation is mandatory since the day it was published, 05.08.2013.
  2. The following Regulation is provided and published free of charge in form which enables its download, save and printing.
  3. In scope of cases not covered by the following Regulation the obligatory law regulations will be applied, especially Ustawa z dnia 4 marca 2010 r. o infrastrukturze informacji przestrzennej, Ustawa z dnia 17 lutego 2005 r. o informatyzacji działalności podmiotów realizujących zadania publiczne, Ustawa z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz Kodeksu cywilnego.
  4. Service provider is not responsible for inaccessibility of Geoportal if the reason for it lies beyond providers scope.
  5. Service provider reserves the right to temporary suspend the access to Geoportal, based on security or independent reasons. This suspension will cover the time needed to remove the reason of it.
  6. Except the limitations resulting from current law regulations, service provider is not responsible for losses which occur due to Geoportal, its user or its improper work, errors, shortages, disruptions, defects, timeouts in data transmission, computer viruses, network malfunction or whole informatics system or not respecting the Regulation rules by service users.
  7. The following Regulation can be changed in any time and scope. The changes are in force since they are published on Geoportal website.
  8. Geoportal as a website can use links to other external websites managed by third parties.
  9. Links to external Internet resources are used at users own risk. Service provider takes no responsibility for the reliability, up-to-date and completeness of data presented on webpages linked through this Geoportal.

Regulation for „On-Line Store” in Map Portal


  1. By term „ On-Line store” one should understand payable access to materials and data from Lodzkie Region Geodesy and Cartography Resource carried out through Internet by Marshall of the Lodzkie Region by means of Department of Geodesy and Cartography, under the URL address
  2. Contact data of „On-Line Store”:
    Marshal’s Office of the Lodzkie Region
    Department of Geodesy and Cartography
    Department - Wojewódzki Ośrodek Dokumentacji Geodezyjnej i Kartograficznej
    ul. Solna 14, 91-423 Łódź
    tel. no.: 42 663 36 40, fax 42 663 36 22
  3. 3. Detailed information considering accessing data by means of „On-Line Store” are available on www.rsip.lodzkie.plwebsite, WODGIK/Udostępnianie map tab


  1. „On-Line Store” is designed to be accessed by Submitter by means of Internet and provide materials and data from Lodzkie Region Geodesy and Cartography Resource.
  2. Acquisition of data and materials by means of „On-Line Store”, described in 2.1 is possible after prior registration of the Purchaser. Registration requires filling out the “User registration” form.
    Putting requests for data and materials from Lodzkie Region Geodesy and Cartography Resource by means of “On-Line Store” requires filling out “Application for access” form, which is verified by Wojewódzki Ośrodek Dokumentacji Geodezyjnej i Kartograficznej.
    After valid verification of “Application for access”, Submitter is obliged to fill "APPLICATION FOR ACCESS OF REGIONAL GEODESY AND CARTOGRAPHY RESOURCE" form and send it to email address (form is available under URL
  3. Issuing “Application for access” in “On-line Store” is available after registering an account in “On-Line Store”.
  4. „On-Line Store” offer is valid only within Republic of Poland boundaries and concerns materials and data from Lodzkie Region area.
  5. Purchaser, by sending an “Application for access” form states that he is aware of the Regulation contents for “On-Line Store” in Map Portal and he will observe these regulations. In case of not accepting the Regulation the “Application for access” form will be cancelled.
  6. The confirmation of receiving “Application for access” form made in “On-Line Store” is receiving a feedback information from WODGiK. The contents of e-mail will include information that the form was received by “On-Line Store” and will be processed further after positive verification. In case if no feedback e-mail was received, after 24 hours please contact WODGiK using phone no. 42 663 36 40.
  7. “On-Line Store” reserves the right to confirm the application via e-mail or phone. Inability to verify the application within 5 working days will result in its cancellation.
  8. “Application for access” form is considered to be accepted for realization after “On-Line Store” sends an e-mail to Purchaser in which he is informed that the application form was positively verified and handed over to realisation.
  9. “On-Line Store” accepts applications 365 days a year 24 hours a day. “Application for access” form issued in a leisure day will be processed in first working day available.


  1. The basis for determining the amount of the fee rates are set out in the Annex to Ustawa Prawo geodezyjne i kartograficzne.
  2. Fee for materials should be settled via transfer. Money transfer has to be finalised prior receiving data or/and materials.
  3. After the completion of the transfer, the scanned document confirming the transfer should be sent to


  1. Standard realisation time for an application is 5 working days and the count starts from receiving e-mail information described in 2.10. In case if a larger amount of applications is waiting to be processed this time can expand to 14 working days, after a previous e-mail or phone information given to Purchaser that processing application will take longer.
  2. WODGiK will consider the amount due settled if:
    • Purchaser will provide a bank transfer confirmation,
    • WODGiK will receive information that amount due was booked on its account.
    After receiving the payment confirmation, requested data is being handled to Purchaser via mail courier package.
    Materials requested via “On-Line Store” can be collected in person in WODGiK office.


  1. Submitter account registration using “On-Line Store” is equal to submitting your data for processing by Data Administartor, who is Marshall of Łódzkie Region with head office in Łódź 90 – 051, Al. Piłsudskiego 8, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Łódzkiego.
  2. Personal data of the Submitter is processed only in order to enable him use of the “On-Line store” including realisation and settling account for an application and for financial reporting purposes. This data will not be disclosed to third parties.
  3. The Submitter by means of “On-Line Store” can access his own personal data, conduct their modification or demand its removal. In order to do so one should contact administrator via e-mail

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